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A lone piano stands in an empty church.
Perhaps, once, it was loved, you think as you walk up to it, noticing the dust that cakes the keys.  Really, it is a simple instrument, but it is one that you have always held a deep fondness for. A small smile forms on your lips as you rub off the keys, eyes watering at the amount of grime in the air.
You settle yourself down on the worn piano bench, which lets out a soft groan as you settle onto it. And then you press the keys.
The sound wobbles in the air, slightly distorted by wear and time. But it is a sound that you know well and love, and it doesn’t bother you. So you play, eyes fluttering shut, fingers dancing gracefully across the keys. A bright melody fills the room with color and magic, and you allow yourself to smile again as you continue your tune.
When your piece concludes, you don’t move, staying at the seat of the first piano you’ve seen since the war. You realize, with a jolt, that you are crying.
You laugh
:iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0
Etude doodles pt2 by Falling-broken-wings Etude doodles pt2 :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 0 0 Etude doodles pt 1 by Falling-broken-wings Etude doodles pt 1 :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 0 0 Allen by Falling-broken-wings Allen :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0 it's time for ugly sweaters by Falling-broken-wings it's time for ugly sweaters :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0 Lineless practice by Falling-broken-wings Lineless practice :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0 Antonyyyy by Falling-broken-wings Antonyyyy :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 4 0 So done by Falling-broken-wings So done :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 2 1 -*PJKP APP*- Darius by Falling-broken-wings -*PJKP APP*- Darius :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0 Etude (color ref) by Falling-broken-wings Etude (color ref) :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0 Etude by Falling-broken-wings Etude :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0 Antony (Copics) by Falling-broken-wings Antony (Copics) :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 2 0
"Hey, Carlita, look at that!"
"Damon! Are you five?" Carlita shouted after the bi-hair-colored male, grimacing as he pointed to lights and smiled broadly like a five year old child.
Her mother put a hand on her shoulder.
"Be patient with Damon."
Carlita sighed, watching her older brother catch snowflakes on his tongue.
"I try, but it's hard!"
"Don't you want to do these things, too?"
The question surprised Carlita, and she thought for a moment.
"Yeah, I guess I kinda might, but Mom, he's 25! He's acting like a little kid!"
"So are you," her mother replied. Carlita realized that was also true. She was whining like a five year old.
"Mo-om!" she groaned.
"Go play with your brother."
Carlita smiled at her mom, before rolling some of the snow on the ground into a ball and throwing it at her brother.
Damon turned around to see Carlita sticking her tongue out at him.
Damon hit her in the face with his first throw.
:iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 4 1
Light Cleaning
He'd only meant to do a bit of obligatory (meaning long overdue) cleaning of his room when he stumbled across a worn notebook, bound with leather that was fraying slightly. He didn't remember anything like this. Admittedly curious, he opened to the first page.
'Dear journal,
I want to go to the moon someday! Carlita says that's stupid. Mom says I can do it, though! I'll show my silly sister!'
Damon chuckled slightly, reading his younger self's crooked, loopy handwriting. His handwriting hadn't changed that much, actually. Flipping through the slightly yellowed pages, he turned to a more recent section.
'Dear journal,
I don't want to go to the moon anymore. I can't believe I thought that was a good idea! Instead, I want to reunite the People of the Vale and repopulate where they used to live. Mom mentioned that before. I bet that would make her happy.'
Damon dropped the journal as though it were made of hot coals. That certainly wasn't something he'd wanted to read. 
"Damon?" he he
:iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 2 1
FW: Secret Santa by Falling-broken-wings FW: Secret Santa :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 4 1 Aiden: Pokejinka Park by Falling-broken-wings Aiden: Pokejinka Park :iconfalling-broken-wings:Falling-broken-wings 1 0


Yo~~Faker! by Tanglili Yo~~Faker! :icontanglili:Tanglili 295 26
World Domination How-To English Lyrics
You were always quick to cry, with that cute face of yours to die
Yet you'd fight back as much as they picked on you as well
And not before too long, I realised it was wrong
Because violence never solves a thing, not anymore
Make a promise to remember from now on to be the guy
Tearing price tags off his clothes and never spending big
Don't throw the day away, it might not be a waste
It's too early to say what to make of it
And today, on the platform of life and death, the last stop for a selfish man
Tomorrow too, I'll be trembling in fear, I will wait
With a welcome for a selfish man that I can now call my 'master' too
See the cars, they're flying in the sky, as all the years go by
Even when machines are talking, won't you stay right by my side?
If there's something to tell me
Don't wait for me to say please
Come beside me and heal my wounded, broken heart
If I send a missle soaring through the air, what will it bring?
If I think it'll bring happiness, then I don't know a thing
But I k
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 83 16
Lilith Lolita -Sketch by TsundereLen Lilith Lolita -Sketch :icontsunderelen:TsundereLen 16 5 The Lost Memory~ by TsundereLen The Lost Memory~ :icontsunderelen:TsundereLen 135 38 Kagamine Len //In game Elsword Style~ by TsundereLen Kagamine Len //In game Elsword Style~ :icontsunderelen:TsundereLen 27 5 Old Pen sketch of Monochrome Dream Eating Baku Len by TsundereLen Old Pen sketch of Monochrome Dream Eating Baku Len :icontsunderelen:TsundereLen 28 7 Roxas, Axel, Xion: sunset by chibinis-chan Roxas, Axel, Xion: sunset :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 1,090 119
Yes I Am A Christian
Yes, I am A Christian.
But that does not make me a radical fanatic who constantly shoves the Bible down your throat.
Yes, I Am A Christian,
And that can mean that no, I don't like abortion, nor do I like gay marriage. But, do remember, I am a human, and entitled to my own opinion.
Yes, I am a Christian,
But I do not believe that God will suddenly make things better, stop hunger, and end world suffering. I don't even count on Him to end mine.
Yes, I am A Christian,
and I do get angry at God. I get furious with Him all the time.
Yes, I am A Christian,
and I do not give all my belongings to the poor, nor do I preach on the side of the street.
Yes, I am A Christian,
So I am allowed to make mistakes.
Yes, I Am Christian,
but that doesn’t mean I don't fight back.
Yes, I Am A Christian,
but that does not mean I like to rape boys.
But, I'll tell you what I do like to do;
I pray for peace, for love and hope,
that one day, violence and agony will refuse to show.
That God will work through
:iconlidsworth:lidsworth 1,243 1,804
Apollo Justice: OBJECTION by Malindachan Apollo Justice: OBJECTION :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 325 26 -gif- Gloooooooow~ by TsundereLen -gif- Gloooooooow~ :icontsunderelen:TsundereLen 131 26 PH - Farewell by Amarevia PH - Farewell :iconamarevia:Amarevia 297 96 Booty Rockin' by Z-Raid Booty Rockin' :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 516 40 Manjoume Cosplay by Minami-no-Aoki Manjoume Cosplay :iconminami-no-aoki:Minami-no-Aoki 4 3


i dont even journal on here at all anymore i'm so.. inactive..hhhh..
im looking at my gallery and everything looks so ugly,,,,,


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